Hydronic Controllers For Non-Experts, Suitable For HVAC and Small Automations.

Programmable Automation Controllers

Every industrial outfit today uses programmable automation controllers (PAC). Also, moving in the age of IoT, more and more applications will require the use of programmable controllers.

In the ‘60s there were the PLC (programmable logic controllers) which were very common in automation.

The advantages of the Programmable Automation Controllers are:

  • Extensive analog control capabilities
  • Open architecture
  • Lower upkeep and running cost
  • Small in size and durable
  • Various connectivity options
  • ·Running on scheduled cyclic mode

Source: https://blog.acdist.com/what-is-the-pac-programmable-automation-controller

Our company manufactures controllers for HVAC as well as all other automations that are required by machinery in the manufacturing sector.

Our programmable automation controllers are easily on-board programmable and that is one of their unique features. Another distinction is that they’re programmed with the simple micro-Python code. An optimized version of micro-python is the main language used for programming. Using micro-python and the Cortex-M CMSIS libraries, users can actually take advantage of assembly commands as well.

What we do

We specialize in programmable automation controllers with on board programmable on Python language. An easy way to create automations for HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs.

On Board Programmable

The entire project is based upon an RTOS, so that concurrent multitasking is supported for the micro-python algorithms…

Graphical User Interface

A user-friendly, short and yet powerful graphical interface guides the programmer and the user to hand the controller fast…

Structured Programming

The storage, which user can use is up to 55 MB for both micro-python algorithms and data…

Python Code Programmed

During code writing, a list of all global variables provided by all routines, are appearing on the left and can be easily downloaded and used in the code…

Graphic Editor

Actually, there are no limits on the capabilities of designing and organizing a completed, good-looking graphic presentation…

Auto IO Addressing

The mapping can be expanded by adding a new IO module, or downsized by unmounts an IO module. The mapping can be also canceled if needed…

Programmable Automation Controllers for various industrial applications.

For the non-expert that desire to configure, construct, and oversee offices, that want to further develop productivity and viability is ceaseless. To an ever-increasing extent, building mechanization, information empowered robotization and related controls we assist you with accomplishing your objectives.

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Putting together HVAC with respect to a bigger organization gives an economy of scale that is regularly unrealistic for individual structures, for using environmentally friendly power sources, for example, sunlight based heat, winter’s cold, the cooling potential in certain spots of lakes or seawater with the expectation of complimentary cooling, and the empowering capacity of occasional nuclear power stockpiling.


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Our Products

AIN5A analog inputs module

Analog Input module, auto addressed with 5 onboard integrated Analog Inputs.

AOUT8A analog outputs module

Analog Output module auto addressed, with 8 onboard integrated Analog Outputs.

CIO5A current output-inputs module

Current Output-Input module, auto addressed with 1 onboard integrated Current Output and 4 integrated Current Inputs.

CON64A microcontroller unit

Programmable Logic Controller CON64A, designed for small and medium-size installations.

DDIN5A digital differential inputs module

Digital Input module, auto addressed with 5 onboard integrated Digital Differential Inputs.

DIN8A digital inputs module

Digital Input module, auto addressed with 8 onboard integrated Digital Inputs.

DOUT8A digital outputs module

Digital Output module, auto addressed with 8 onboard integrated Digital Outputs

Best value controllers for the non-expert, suitable for HVAC ans small installations

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