Graphical User Interface for Easily Programming Controllers

The uniqueness of our controllers is the advantage that anyone, with very little knowledge can program it.

The distinct difference between our controllers and the competition is that we use only Python language for programming and at the same time, we have developed our products to be programmed directly. That means that the Graphical User Interface we use is not a separate program you have to purchase or download; it is directly attached to the programming of the controller.

Therefore, the uniqueness of our product is the advantage that anyone, with very little

knowledge can program it.

Computers use complicated and difficult for a human to understand, coding and language to perform different tasks. In order to make things simpler for people to be able to use those programs for different executions, they needed something more visual and intuitive. That’s when GUI or Graphical User Interface was invented.

The Graphical User Interface bridges the usability between a program that runs in the background with the human brain the way it understands commanding and extracting benefit from it.

The Graphical User Interface technology was founded and further developed in the late ‘70s early ‘80s by the Xerox corporation in their Palo Alto research facility. It was firstly used by Apple’s Macintosh computers and MS Windows OS.

These companies were facing a big dilemma, in which when it was solved, their devices and productivity programs took the world by storm.

In order to make their usability easier and widely accepted by all people, they had to make the text-based command-line interface more appropriate for use by the average user. And they found the solution in the GUI technology.

We have this technology to thank for allowing us to me more productive and creative with all

the applications we use on different programs as well as web-based programs All the buttons, the scroll bars, windows, tabs, menus, cursors as well as the mouse pointing are a result of developing the GUI technology. In other words, it is the technology that allows people to command, give orders in other words, for programs to help us with whatever task.

In our products we have used this technology in the utmost and have made it very easy for a novice, with very limited knowledge, to program our controllers. It is the philosophy of the founder of the company Ari (link to his Linkedin page) to make his products, controllers for every industrial use programmable by any engineer or factory maintenance person.

What we do

We specialize in programmable automation controllers with on board programmable on Python language. An easy way to create automations for HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs.

On Board Programmable

The entire project is based upon an RTOS, so that concurrent multitasking is supported for the micro-python algorithms…

Graphical User Interface

A user-friendly, short and yet powerful graphical interface guides the programmer and the user to hand the controller fast…

Structured Programming

The storage, which user can use is up to 55 MB for both micro-python algorithms and data…

Python Code Programmed

During code writing, a list of all global variables provided by all routines, are appearing on the left and can be easily downloaded and used in the code…

Graphic Editor

Actually, there are no limits on the capabilities of designing and organizing a completed, good-looking graphic presentation…

Auto IO Addressing

The mapping can be expanded by adding a new IO module, or downsized by unmounts an IO module. The mapping can be also canceled if needed…

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Our Products

AIN5A analog inputs module

Analog Input module, auto addressed with 5 onboard integrated Analog Inputs.

AOUT8A analog outputs module

Analog Output module auto addressed, with 8 onboard integrated Analog Outputs.

CIO5A current output-inputs module

Current Output-Input module, auto addressed with 1 onboard integrated Current Output and 4 integrated Current Inputs.

CON64A microcontroller unit

Programmable Logic Controller CON64A, designed for small and medium-size installations.

DDIN5A digital differential inputs module

Digital Input module, auto addressed with 5 onboard integrated Digital Differential Inputs.

DIN8A digital inputs module

Digital Input module, auto addressed with 8 onboard integrated Digital Inputs.

DOUT8A digital outputs module

Digital Output module, auto addressed with 8 onboard integrated Digital Outputs

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